The Acai Berry As The Ultimate Health Supplement

Amazon Thunder Acai Berry JuiceIts natural abundance of highly effective antioxidants is one of the most outstanding and beneficial qualities of the health-promoting Acai berry in its diverse states. As promoters and sustainers of good cardiovascular function which aids healthy blood circulation, these vital antioxidants are necessary agents. They facilitate and maintain mental clarity and memory, as well. Containing upwards of 30 times the levels of anthocyanins (high-powered antioxidants) characteristic of red wine grapes, acai also offers twice the amount of antioxidants commonly found in blueberries. For those suffering from health ailments concerning the circulatory system and arteries as well as major heart problems or disease, these facts show that acai as an antioxidant is assuredly both a praiseworthy preventative aid and an extremely viable treatment choice. Since good functioning and vitality of all the body's organs is dependant on a constant supply of necessary blood circulating throughout the system, it's fair to say that the importance of acai as an antioxidant is monumental to achieving and maintaining vibrant good health and well-being.

Certain levels of the Amazon camu camu fruit which facilitate good absorption of acai's valuable antioxidants by the body are included as an ingredient in acai capsules which are sold as health supplements. In the Amazon Rainforests of Brazil where Acai berries are used as a multi-purpose healing agent in ancient herbal treatments, the camu camu fruit is still consumed as an aid to such nutrient absorption. For raising the blood count, improving bodily blood circulation, and eliminating jaundice, the acai root was put to important use by ancient herbal healers in Brazil. Subsequently, many then existing heart and circulatory ailments, even if unknown or undiagnosed at the time, may have been alleviated or eliminated through treatment with acai as an antioxidant.

In addition, acai's ability to cure inflammation and infection helps to promote good cardiovascular health. Inflammation precipitating infection either directly causes or increases the majority of bodily diseases and ailments. Also, acai's well-advertised high fiber content not only aids digestion as it cleanses and detoxifies the body. Acai berry juice is instrumental in lowering and stabilizing unhealthy cholesterol levels, thus promoting good blood pressure rates and strengthened cardiovascular functioning. By eliminating harmful toxins from the body as it cleanses, acai's inherent fiber content is also aiding in the highly efficient functioning of acai as an antioxidant. By enhancing appreciable and ongoing weight loss, acai's fiber is also lessening the wear-and-tear of normal, everyday functioning on the cardiovascular and circulatory systems, allowing for even more effective and healthy activity of acai as an antioxidant throughout the body.